You are just one step away from being introduced to the HealthWorX Healthcare Program, which combines a no-cost ACA compliant medical plan with Wellness resources such as Telemedicine and Chronic Condition Management. This unique program is fully subsidized by Wellness WorX Inc. dba Xtension Health, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization which provides subsidized Medical and Wellness services to low income employees. To compliment the program, we can incorporate high value carrier partners (Allstate, Reliance Standard, Cigna, Anthem, etc.) into an extensive Section 125 or 'Cafeteria' Plan. The plan is designed to assist low income employees in achieving appropriate levels of healthcare, physical fitness, medical wellbeing and holistic health. Employers who utilize HealthWorX gain free access to our ERP suite of products as well as other services such as our no mark-up staffing, free background checks, and tax credit services. You will also be introduced to our award-winning software, HRX®, which gives you the power to unify your company's HR with the most comprehensive, integrated, reliable suite of solutions available today. HRX® will enable you to unify your HR with reliability, flexibility and confidence to more effectively navigate the complexities of the ACA.

Healthcare today presents enormous challenges. One effective way to help manage potential issues is by integrating all areas of Human Capital Management. HRX® automates payroll, time & attendance, human resource management, benefits administration, applicant tracking and ERP. This level of integration will not only help you to stay compliant, but it will help you better control healthcare costs.

  • Make Faster Decisions to drive sales, reduce costs, and improve productivity.
  • Gain operational visibility, efficiency, and accuracy, and ensure cost-effictiveness.
  • Prepare your organization for future shifts, emerging markets, and growth.
  • Build effective teams by searching for workers by talent, skills, and job profiles.

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