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Employee Hiring & Retention

Only 54% of QSR employees reached 90 days of working before quitting in 2022, according to an HourWork report emailed to Restaurant Dive that is based on surveys of employees at over 8,000 QSR restaurants. In 2021, the overall turnover rate in the QSR sector sat at 144%

The QSR industry is not alone. A significant portion of the workforce no longer feels like they're getting what they need from their current employers. This has ushered in what’s called “The Great Resignation,” where 41% of employees are considering leaving their current employer as of 2023—and 46% of workers are planning to make a major pivot or career transition. This opportunistic attitude is only fueled by the uptick in remote and hybrid roles that have opened up new doors for employees who didn’t previously have these options.

Companies now recognize the importance of retaining their best talent by addressing their personal and professional needs, prioritizing their wellbeing, and providing them with flexible benefit options. Employers who fail to do so in a post-pandemic world will risk losing their top-performing employees to competitors. In order to truly understand the cost implications of losing employees, let us look at some key metrics. According to a research done by the Center for Hospitality Research at Cornell, it costs restaurant an average of $5,864 for a single employee turnover from the front-line staff. While employee turnover definitely has an impact on the organization’s finances, there are things beyond cost which gets affected due to the attrition. A good way to understand the impact would be to notice the difference in work environment, morale, customer perception, brand image, productivity, and brand credibility.

The HealthWorX plan offers no-cost healthcare to your workforce. This is a benefit they most likely cannot get anywhere else. HealthWorX, through its non-profit partner, Xtension Health, has donated over $100,000,000 to working families in need of healthcare. This increases morale, hope, and confidence in their employer. The HealthWorX mission stems from roots deeply engrained from both politico-economic and personal levels.

Click the link to read The Wellness Imperative, by Dr. John Zabasky MA, MBA, PhD and Dr. Diana McCosham MD, as well as on the images below to learn more:

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